Iron Fist Shoe Sale Snaffles.

Iron Fist has a clearance sale on.

If you haven’t checked it out, do it now. I think they keep adding more stuff, but once the last item of its kind been bought, they are not restocking.

Hop to it!

It’s my birthday on Thursday (May 2nd) so I got three pairs of shoes in the sale that I’ve been eyeing up for a very, very long time.

These Bite Me! Super Platform boots  for example, I’d been gazing at with incredibly misty eyes for about a year or so. Look at them… Perfect for nights out, or to meet friends for coffee, or you could put them on for a dinner date, anything really! I adore platform boots; usually they’re quite comfy and because they feel so secure and wrapped around your feet, you are much less likely to stumble, lose your footing and fall like the tipsy idiot you might be while wearing them at a party, etc. Plus you can sneakily wear chunky socks for added comfort and no one would even need to know. You definitely can’t do that with many going-out shoes…

 They were £99.99 and reduced to £39.99. Super!


iron fist shoes


I almost always wear my Iron Fist Motopsycho Fug boots  for Uni as they’re incredibly comfortable, but they’re getting pretty worn on the soles. I saw these Siesta Skull fugs (below) last summer, and decided recently that they would make an ideal replacement for my current ones. They look like winter shoes but honestly, you do not want to wear these around snow or rain! They’re a little bit like slippers. So, wear them on days that are dry and not too hot (probably won’t have to worry about that in the UK, but watch out for those summer showers!) One of my favourite things about them is that if you’ve been out the previous night, these things are perfect to wear the next day for tired, sore feet.


They were £49.99, and are now £19.99.


Iron Fist Siesta Skull boots.


Finally, I love tattoos (and I’ll be posting a picture of my new tattoo at some point soon) so naturally Iron Fist’s pink Love Me, Love Me Not flats stole my heart. I’d definitely wear these for practically any occasion. Plus, I’m going to dye my hair hot pink again soon, so I won’t need to think about whether anything matches my shoes for a bit. Hmm!

They were £31.99, and are now only £12.79. How could I not?


Iron Fist pink flats


Oh, also. There’s a dress to go with the Bite Me! ankle boots, (there are a lot of clothes in the Bite Me! collection) but it’s sold out, aw.

I even emailed the Iron Fist help team, and they said they aren’t bringing ’em back. This is what I mean when I say, get it before it goes!


bite me dressiron fist bite me dress back


Kreepsville 666 College Dress

I’m absolutely hopeless.

My bursary from Uni was conveniently late, I was meaning to use most of it for my overdraft and then sort my phone bill out and  -oops-  I bought the Kreepsville 666 college dress that was on my recent wishlist.


kreepsville 666 Ghouls College Dress


You probably saw it coming, so let’s just lower our arched eyebrows and stop being angry at my inability to resist temptation. What’s that? It got here pretty quickly? Uh… I may have ordered it via next-day delivery …{£8.99}

But do you not think it was simply MADE for a Wednesday 13 gig?


Wednesday 13 - calling all corpses


I do.

Photos and a proper review will be coming soon!


As my blog is all about alternative fashion, I thought I might as well upload the photoshoots I did for my fashion coursework, including the photos I didn’t submit. I’m lucky enough to have some very lovely people in my life, thank you girls.

This is Holly.

Holly again.

Holly, jacket
holly 1
Alternative fashion photoshoot: Holly.

holly 3

If you would like to do a photoshoot with Holly, you can contact her here. She’s no stranger to modelling!

Assorted Clothing Mini Wishlist

LOTR leggings1.) LOTR Montage Green Leggings, Black Milk Clothing: $85.00 AUD/ £58)
Their entire Middle Earth clothing range is on my wish list in all honesty, but if I had to just pick one thing, these leggings would be it! I’d probably save them for special occasions, and wash them with my own hands as though they were in fact a fragile newborn puppy. Click here if you wanna see more!




Sweets for my Sweet2.) Iron Fist’s Sweets For My Sweet platform high heels, like most of their footwear, are incredibly pretty. It’s like someone made a shoe to match Amelia Nightmare – who is looking incredible on the cover of the latest Bizarre mag, candy girl indeed!

Anyway, at an RRP of £79.99 I think these multicoloured lovelies could be on my wish list for a good while, but if you fancy some for yourself (or if your girlfriend’s a colour/candy junkie) you can get them here.

kreepsville 666 Ghouls College Dress

3.) Kreepsville 666 Ghouls College Dress, £33.99. I would wear this constantly to make up for the fact I’d be eating Tesco’s Everyday Value 40p Macaroni cheese for a week or so as a consequence of  effectively caving my poor debit card’s head in. It has a price tag that you probably don’t need to save up much for, but will still make you suffer after purchasing to a degree. (only for a bit though right?)
I don’t even spend nearly £33.99 a week on food shopping anyway so on the wish list this adorable T-shirt dress must stay! Something about it has snared me, even if I did previously think all garments featuring printed-on ties were earth-shatteringly cringey before seeing this. It  reminds me of those cute little Monster High dolls you can get, if Wednesday 13 happened to be their costume designer. Has it snared you too? Mooch over to!

…Leather Jacket, fishnets, and Demonia’s Slush boots are already waiting to be teamed with this perfect gig outfit, to have lame food-related illness or not, oh my…


This brings us to the end of my little wish list, but there’ll probably be a couple more in the near future!

Iron Fist and collaborate for wedding shoe contest

Rock N' Roll Bride
Rock N’ Roll Bride

Fans of Iron Fist are being offered the incredible opportunity to win their own custom-designed wedding shoes The amazing Rock N’ Roll Bride magazine and Iron Fist (creators of some of the best shoes in the world) have collaborated to give creative brides-to-be the chance to design and win their own personalised shoes for their special day.

Love Me Now Turquoise Rockabilly High Heel
Love Me Now Turquoise Rockabilly High Heel

For the chance to do this, click here

Wednesday 13 Upcoming UK Tour

Wednesday 13: Upcoming UK gigs!
Wednesday 13: Upcoming UK gigs!


Murderdolls frontman and living fashion statement Wednesday 13 will be touring the UK next month. Unlike many other bands, he’s actually touring up north too!

There’s plenty of dates and venues, so there’s no excuse to miss out!

Mar 06, 2013  Brighton, UK  Concorde 2
Mar 07, 2013  Bristol, UK  The Fleece
Mar 08, 2013  Manchester, UK  Club Academy
Mar 09, 2013  Nottingham, UK  Rock City
Mar 10, 2013  Glasgow, UK  Cathouse
Mar 11, 2013  Newcastle, UK  Northumbria Uni
Mar 12, 2013  Wolverhampton, UK  Slade Rooms
March 13, 2013 London, UK  Islington Academy


Sugarpill and Amelia Arsenic to release ‘Cold Chemistry’ Shadow Palette


Amelia Arsenic:   Singer, fashion designer and model, is currently collaborating with Sugarpill makeup to create an eyeshadow palette that truly reflects her unique, edgy style. After working alongside Sugarpill for years as a model, it’s revealed that the palette will be called “Cold Chemistry”. The packaging, which Amelia herself designed, is now available to preview. The palette itself should be available to buy in a matter of weeks!

Cold Chemistry