Hi, I’m Lauren.  I love alternative fashion, video games, tattoos, heavy metal and dogs.

I’m in my third and final year of studying for my Magazine Journalism degree at the University of Sunderland.  I’d love to write for Bizarre magazine one day, but I’d also love to freelance doing little bits of everything.

This blog is mostly just to keep me writing, but also to serve as a platform on which some of my portfolio work can be viewed on. All my opinions/views are my own, too.

Content-wise, it’s generally a bit all over the place; I have so many interests, hobbies and thoughts that I don’t see why I should narrow my blog down to just one topic!

For my final project, I’ll be making my first ever ‘real’ magazine. Keep a look out for parts of it/maybe the whole thing at some point fairly soon!

Contact me on Facebook here:

Here’s my Twitter.

Finally, this is my tumblr.  I don’t use it much, mind you.

Oh, and my email for whatever else is loron@metalfan.com.

Thanks, and don’t be afraid to leave comments!


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