Dark Souls II Is Almost Here. Are you Prepared?

Dark Souls II: The character customisation and intense detail in the game is jaw-dropping.

Praise the sun, and prepare to die …again! FromSoftware is getting set to release Dark Souls 2 and you’d better get ready for a merciless butt-kicking.

As with its notoriously patience-testing predecessor, players will be plunged into a world of danger and despair, where they will have to exhibit a combination of skill, strategy and outright pluck to successfully navigate through the game.

The sense of unease and loneliness is amplified with death looming around every corner, and for online gamers, there is a constant threat of another player invading your quiet little world at any moment. You can’t sit and hide by the bonfire forever.

With gorgeous graphics contrasting against the harsh settings and events of the game, a vastly improved online and PVP combat system, and a much more intricate focus on enemy A.I, Dark Souls 2 is shaping up to claim more souls then ever before.

Dark Souls 2 will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in just under two weeks on March 14th, with very limited special preorders still available at Game and Amazon. It has been announced that the PC edition will be released on April 25th.