Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume review

It’s been a long time coming: I actually got this perfume a little while ago now but I’ve been super busy, and I aimed to try and get some blogging bits and bobs done, but as my fellow uni student and blogger Melody has recently pointed out on her blog, it’s definitely not always rainbows and butterflies


this one


Anyway, the whole point of the purchase was because, as previously mentioned, my favourite perfume by Gwen Stefani is no longer in production, and I was really hoping that this Pink Sugar perfume was as similar to it as I’d heard!


I hadn’t even heard of Aquolina before. Apparently this was their first fragrance and it was launched in like 2004, so I definitely haven’t stumbled upon some brand new fragrance, but it’s new to me!


First off, the container is kind of cute; the girly pink candy cane design does live up to its name. I think some people might find it a little tacky, but I don’t think it’s trying to be anything like the next mysterious, sensual and pristinely presented Dior fragrance anyway.


Pink sugar


The actual bottle is a bit … Unexciting (if I’m to be totally honest, it sort of looks like one of those overly-diluted knock-off perfumes you get from a cheap cosmetics/accessories shop) but remember, the smell is what is the most important!



Right, so it doesn’t smell like Gwen Stefani’s (Sunshine Cuties) Lil’ Angel, but everyone has a totally different perception of smell, so a lot of people might not agree. However, most people can usually agree on whether something smells good or not.


In my opinion, it shares (but definitely not the same amounts of) the notes of vanilla, citrus bursts, and the sugary, sweetshop smell that Lil’ Angel had. However, they’re still very different fragrances. If Pink Candy were a colour, it would be much darker than Lil’ Angel. It smells like it’s meant for wearing at night more than day.


It has a kind of musky, even slightly masculine smell in there somewhere  (if you’ve ever smelt Ghost – Deep Night, it’s kind of like the heavy, musky smell from that) which, in Pink Candy, is probably meant to balance out the sweetness of the syrupy fragrance you get from initially spraying the perfume. I know absolutely nothing about making perfume (the closest thing I ever did to that was crushing flower petals in an attempt to make my own fragrance as a child. It didn’t work, it was terrible) but did they really have to include the musky smell in there? I don’t mind super-sweet!


Upon more sniffs, and when it’s settled onto your skin some more, it kind of smells like there could be elements of dusty pot pourri somewhere… And the masculine-like smell is reminiscent of a guy when he’s come out of the gym, and has put unreal amounts of the world’s most wallet-friendly deodorant on to cover up any sniffable traces of his workout, cos he didn’t have time for a shower or something. There’s nothing wrong with men’s deodorant/aftershave  (especially Cool Water hgrngnghh) but I just don’t want it in a woman’s perfume, especially if it’s called Pink Candy.


However, it smells so, so great on clothes. You cannot trace the manly scent at all, it smells as it was probably meant to smell when the actual people behind the fragrance started making it: fruity, sugary and refreshing, with a lot of vanilla. So, spray it on your clothes and your hair (especially if you’ve ruined it and it’s as synthetic-feeling as mine, it’ll probably absorb that perfume like a sponge) …You can even go all out and put it on your skin, -unless you hate musky undertones in your perfume.

It is definitely a pleasant smell overall, and it’s a quirky, unusual and fun fragrance, and hey, maybe it’s just my skin smelling naturally like a man’s cheap body spray when it comes into contact with Pink Sugar (uhh.) but it does the same job (makes you smell amazing) when you spray it on your clothes anyway. I’ve used a fair bit of it, but it’s probably not my signature. Because there’s quite a lot of it, I’m not sure I’d replace it when I run out, I’ll probably try something different.


Basically, it smells like:

Lemon, vanilla/caramel, sugar, orange, jelly beans, fun, BUT if you smell too hard it smells like crappy car air freshener, old pot pourri, lame deodorant.

  • All in all, just put it on your clothes, man.




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