Welcome to the blog!

Hello there, and welcome to my blog: Leather, studs and lipsticks.

I chose this name as it sums up the kinds of things you might see on here: alternative and gothic fashion, but with extra emphasis on aspects such as beauty, etc.

There will also be occasional features regarding heavy metal and rock music, as I believe hard rock and metal go hand in hand with gorgeous gothic/alt fashion!

Basically, it’s a site for those interested in alternative and gothic fashion to have a mooch about.

The blog is mainly for my university coursework, but I hope to find the time to put a lot more content on here than just the basics.

I’ll be posting reviews, photos, assorted lists (top tens, wishlists, etc), recommendations, and lots of other bits and pieces.

If you want to know more, you have any suggestions, or you wish to contact me for any other reason, please visit my About page.

Thank you!



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